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(Cue that music again)

Upon waking up on Saturday, I knew what I had to do. Have to go back. If not, I might regret it. Arrived in the early afternoon and remembered to park in the lot of the office building nearby. That lot is open for the convention. Had no trouble finding a spot and was in again. Found those movies I remembered and looked up. They might be crap, but I would still rather see crap from the `70’s and `80’s than crap from the 2000’s.

There is one brand new movie in particular called “Mr. Hush.” It is supposed to be another throwback to the wonderful 1980’s and stars Brad Loree (Mikey in “Halloween: Resurrection”) and Steve Dash (Jason in “Friday The 13th Part 2”). Why not give it a chance? I have to give some new pieces of crap being offered nowadays a fighting chance. The writer/director was there to sign the DVD, and so was one of the stars. For all I know, “Mr. Hush” could be a stand-alone film or spawn a brand new series in today’s nearly dried up shelves.

Feeling like I will stick around for the “Hellraiser” reunion, I attended the Scares That Care charity event and it was worth it. It is a charity organization centered around horror conventions and also inspired “zombie walks.” The organization isn’t that big yet, and can only support three people/families per year. They want to be helping three people/families per state. It was started in 2006 by some guy who had some friends and loved ones suffering from illnesses. He also happens to enjoy horror movies and spun a charity event around it. However, he takes it seriously and knows how to work around the “death” in horror movies and real death as a result of the illnesses. The charity also concerns burn victims.

I was glad to attend this charity event. I needed that kick in the butt. I hate that video stores are gone. I hate how extensive the online world has become. I wish there was more than just a convention to get my DVD’s. And I miss how much simpler life used to be. But that is nothing compared to what some people are dealing with - illnesses, cancers, scars and burns. I still have my conventions and have my health. I gave a little bit and got a raffle ticket for a bust of Jason’s head. It was sculpted and painted. The raffle would be on Sunday. So, I now have another reason to come back on Sunday (in addition to that one vendor possibly finding those movies on my list).

I finally met a celebrity to add to my autographed photos. Tom Savini. I can’t recall if he was there on Friday and if I considered meeting him then. But I met him and told him that he was the man. He has done so much for so many movies. That alone is reason enough to meet the man and get his autograph.

I remember much of Saturday out of order. I killed a lot of time making more and more rounds around the vendors and narrowing down more movies to get my hands on. I did find another movie on my hard-to-find list. That was nice. And also narrowed down some other unexpected movies. I’ll get to them.

What matters was going back to the celebrity room and meeting Doug Bradley/Pinhead. Stood in line for a half hour, but hell, I was waiting long enough for the “Hellraiser” reunion later on in the evening. I met Bradley before and don’t remember how nervous I may have been. And as I got closer to the front of the line, I got really nervous. I knew what to say, but those thoughts were getting jumbled in my mind. You get nervous when you’re determined to do something important. And this was important. I’ve read that Bradley may be displeased with his work for Dimension Films. “Hellrasier III” and on. Does this include any and all of films je took part in or working for Bob Weinstein and company? More on that later.

I guess I wanted to tell him we, the fans, appreciate his work. That the first four “Hellraiser” movies, in particular, as a whole, hold a special place for us. I didn’t say “us,” but I know I’m not alone. And that he stands out from the other villains with his rich, deep monologues about evil, darkness and emptiness. Upon meeting him, I know for certain that those words didn’t translate the way I wanted. I was nervous. But I believe he appreciated my words. He wrote a book about the “masks” he and other horror villains – from the 1920’s to now – hide behind. Something deep and possibly philosophical. Without question, I picked it up and he signed it for me. Scanned through the book while waiting and it looks to be an interesting read. Will read it once I’m done with Steve Guttenberg’s memoir. And yes, Steve Guttenberg has written a memoir! Oh, the horror! It is very interesting and revealing about him and the Hollywood system.

Onto the Q & A’s. I attended Joey Lauren Adams’s half way through. She’s from Kevin Smith’s “Chasing Amy.” Felt like entering a foreign country at first, but she had some funny stories to share. She had some success, got hooked on drugs, knew the moment she hit rock bottom, and directed a movie. Who hasn’t done all that in Hollywood? I kid, but good for her success.

Jamie Kennedy. This was worth sitting for. He’s a laugh riot. The first person to ask a question was some weird guy dressed in zombie drag. Kennedy asked if the tits were real or fake. Haha. This weirdo unofficially became the representative for New Jersey. After that start, there were jokes and a lot “Welcome to New Jersey” going around. Haha. Apparently, our best restaurants are not high class. Haha. He also made a random comment about some people smelling like diahrea. Like some people he met with didn’t bother showering for the convention. Haha. Representing Washington D.C., apparently, were the three only African-American people there. Like there is only black person in a horror movie. After pointing out a black person asking him a question, another such person raised their hand and another one. Two of them should get together. Haha. It was all a funny, innocent laugh.

Kennedy was asked about his favorite pranks on “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment” and people who wanted to kill him. One guy, during a golf prank, became pissed and threw his golf club at him. Barely missed Kennedy. People commented on him getting killed too early in the “Scream” series. Was he? He obviously missed future paychecks, but felt maybe he should have been the killer. After the first film, his character was still infatuated with Neve Campbell and she didn’t respond affectionately. Interesting idea. Except his character did represent the audience – all the movie geeks who don’t know how to talk to the opposite sex. Would it have been a good idea for him to turn on all of us? This was his first convention and he wore a suit. Someone commented on his suit, and he thought he should look good and proper. He also attended a comedy club in a suit and the people there were in shock. He may have been the best-dressed person in all of New Jersey. Haha.

Carl Weathers. The Apollo Creed from “Rocky.” What is he doing here? Oh, right, “Predator.” Not that “Predator” was a major subject during his Q & A. It was only brought up at the end. He began by going over his upbringing. Growing up in New Orleans and wanting to escape - his reason for becoming an actor. Joining the drama club, but also playing football to get girls’ attention. Ultimately becoming an actor and taking it very seriously. Starting off in not great films that can now be discovered on his resume on IMDB. With IMDB, there is no more hiding. These are his words, and he’s kind of right. Nothing is simple anymore. Everything is out there. I like IMDB for its information, but it came at a price. Everything is out there now.

He had to fight for his part in “Rocky.” They wanted a big name. When he auditioned, he went over the lines with the writer. And maybe the writer was tired, but he wasn’t all there and just looked at him. Carl was like, “Can I have a real actor to go over these lines with?” That writer was Sylvester Stallone. Haha. Among his four “Rocky” movies, he has no favorite. They all mean something and are special. He suggests that the original is most important, because it started the series and began his working relationships with the actors. He got along well his “Rocky” family. Naturally, he was asked about getting killed in “Rocky IV.” Did he die too soon? And Did it impact the remainder of the series? Could the series have been even longer? Hey, he made it to the third sequel. Jamie Kennedy didn’t. When “Rocky” was nominated for Oscars, he didn’t get all the fuss. He knew how chaotic a film set can be with crew members all over the place and trying to keep up with the director. His first concern was handling all that and delivering a believable performance. One shouldn’t think about the Oscar while filming, but it turned to be an unexpected bonus for the film. He later matured and appreciated the honor the film received, especially since he played a key part in it.

Carl knew a lot people, including Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin and Carroll O’Conner. Charles Bronson is the man. You don’t mess with him. Carroll O’Conner was on “Family Affair” and “In the Heat of The Night.” O’Conner knew what he was doing. He played a mean biggot in the one show, making a point about ignorant people can be, and he played an open-minded guy in the other show who was married to black woman. In regards to “Predator,” he didn’t appreciate how small and incomplete his part was. The writer understood and worked with him to make his character more impactful on the film. Jamie Kennedy was hilarious, but Carl Weathers was a class act. A gentleman. And his Q & A ran a little over an hour. It was also his first convention. He also wore a suit, but nobody questioned that. He looks good in a suit.

Almost time for the “Hellraiser” reunion. I had been in there two Q & A’s and two hours without budging. I had to get up and stretch my legs. With the people leaving and coming in, I wasn’t given a chance to get the hell out of there. Was not interested in the “The Walking Dead” Panel. I had to fight, wrestle and wiggle my way out of the row. Sorry everyone! I’ve been in here for two hours! I need get feeling back in my legs! I get out, got a bite and waited around in the lobby. Walked around a bit and then got back into the room. With a half to go on “The Walking Dead” Panel, it felt like entering a foreign country. I don’t know why I was there. Just wanted to reserve a place to sit or stand for “Hellraiser.” Was worried about people not leaving afterwards. For those interested, the cast members present from the zombie show were supposedly Jeffrey Demunn, Emma bell, Madison Lintz, Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun. Almost all of them were strangers to me. And I don’t think all of those names were there. However, the youngest girl in the bunch was cute. She looked young, but I must imagine she’s a little older than she looks.

Finally, the “Hellraiser” Reunion! A lot of people left and I was able to sit down for it. We’re talking Doug Bradley/Pinhead, Simon Bamford/Butterball Cenobite, Nichalas Vince/Chatterer Cenobite, Barbie Wilde/Female Cenobite and Clare Higgins/Julia. Ashley Laurence attended the convention, but wasn’t there for the reunion. Didn’t quite get or understand why. When I saw Laurence in the signing room, she was still a knockout. And so is Clare Higgins. She’s a little older, but she still looks good. I don’t think Andrew Robinson/Larry was there at all. I wish that he was. Wilde suggested that, according to the novelization, she was actually the lead cenobite. Bamford didn’t have a fun time in the fat suit as Butterball. He originally had lines, but couldn’t speak under the latex. And he couldn’t see. It really depressed him at one point, but nobody noticed. They couldn’t see him crying under the latex! Clive Barker sensed something was wrong and offered him a bottle of Jack Daniels with a straw.

Clive Barker was supposed to be there, but is ill. They all commented on his unique talent. When Wilde asked what her motivation was for her cenobite character, Barker just told her that she was dead. And when she had arrived to the set, she never slept on the flight and was quite dead anyway. Either Bamford or Vince were asked about the Butterball/Chatterer Cenobite outfit, and how one or the other could barely move. It might as well be both anyway. And the outfit was made more flexible in the sequel.

Doug Bradley has a strong opinion about the supposed “Hellraiser” remake, other pointless remakes, Dimension films and Bob Weinstein. He must not be working with them anymore. He has a deep respect for “Halloween” and saw its remake. According to him, the H-remake sucks and he has every right to feel that way. It wasn’t needed. It was made for more money, and that’s their only intention with a remake of “Hellraiser.” He has respect for the fellow franchises and didn’t bother seeing the “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake at all. That’s because he was guilty of being part of the problem and contributing to the H-remake.

They wanted Clive Barker’s name on “Hellraiser III,” and he wanted to see what they had first. He either changed some things around or added some things to it. Barker played a part in the ideas behind “Hellraiser: Bloodline.” The ideas are there, they just aren’t properly executed. Nearly all the straight-to-video sequels were existing scripts re-written as “Hellraiser” movies. “Hellworld” might be the exception. Bradley appreciated Kirsty Cotton playing a part in the fifth sequel, but it wasn’t originally her. He called Ashley Laurence personally, and it was on. However, the Kirsty Cotton connection wasn’t officially left in the finished film. Heaven forbid fans new to the series are confused and show interest in checking out the older films! But he’s glad that the full scene is optioned as a deleted scene in the DVD’s special features. From what I remember some time ago, I agree. It wouldn’t have hurt the film one bit with the Kirsty Cotton part fully intact.

By 2010, Bob Weinstein knew they had to make another sequel soon to keep the rights to the series. Weinstein wanted Bradley there, just make it quickly, and get it out there. No passion. No creative thinking behind it. Just make it. He wasn’t nice toward Bradley, and that must have been the last straw for Bradley. And that is the reason there’s a nobody playing Pinhead in a new one.

All in all, they were very fun group. They all laughed at and with each other. Doug Bradley now thinks that he should have told Vince/Chatterbox to shut up! Clare Higgins showed that she is still feisty. It was a great time and exactly what I wanted. To get insight on the making of the film and find out that they aren’t deeply disturbed people after all. This is exactly what I was missing on Friday. Meeting a few people and learning something or two from the Q & A’s. The human element.

All that’s left are the movies I got on this second day.

-Bloodstalkers (1976) – crazy stuff in the woods. Might be crap or might surprise me

-Manhattan Baby (1982) – Lucio Fulci

-Mr. Hush (2012)

-Night Warning (1982) – A mystery of some kind. Don’t know where to begin with it.

-One Dark Night (1983) – A girl’s initiation; with possibly a ghost and Adam “Batman” West. Was on my list! Thank you!

-Scream For Help (1986) – sounds similar to “The Stepfather,” yet it was apparently made a year earlier. Directed by Michael Winner of “Death Wish” fame and “Death Wish 2/3” infamy. Curiously, there is a single quote that comes from him… “It is one of the most terrifying scripts I’ve ever read…”…You are not supposed to quote your own movie on the box! However, I enjoy all the “Death Wish” films and don’t see major problems in his directing. Hope I feel the same way here.

-Torso (1973) – Italian slasher/Giallo film. Was cut for VHS release in the United States and is now uncut on DVD.

-To All a Goodnight (1980) – Apparently, the first Christmas slasher film with a killer dressed in a Santa suit. Directed by David Hess, one of the psychos from “Last House on The Left.”

This was Saturday. And I had reason go back on Sunday. For those other hard-to-find movies the one vendor might find and the raffle for the Jason bust.

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