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Aidan Gillen brings his trademark swagger from The Wire to a fantastic character in undercover burnout/identity unit investigator John Bloom, one of the more complicated cops to hit British TV screens until Elbaís Luther cornered the niche that same year. Too bad thereís only one season of this, since Gillen is so goddamn good as the smarmy rogue and the cases are more interesting than youíd expect from a procedural centred on identity theft. Itís formula TV at its core, but it has more spontaneity, originality and heart than the average American show like CSI (no offense to fans, but itís a cold, clinical show more concerned with style than dramatics). I could do with much more just with the characters of Bloom and his Identity Unit honcho Martha Lawson (Keeley Hawes) and suspicious rival Anthony Wareing (Shaun Parkes). Thereís a lot going on within the unit, tension brewing and double motives at play, even without all the casework, and itís what makes the show an addictive little short-lived series that probably deserved more.

-> 8/10