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The Answer: in the comics, what happened (and keep in mind, Winter Soldier #1 came out LONG after the fall of soviet Russia. Winter Soldier is a contemporary book, not an old school one) is that the winter soldier was a communist operative during the cold war, whose fallen into private hands (Lukin) as a result of the chaos in Russia. So, when you open Out of Time #1, Winter Solider has been removed from Russia already, but the guy whose controlling him now is still basically doing the same thing the Russians did.

I have been chomping at the bit for an adaptation of this story, as, IMHO, its one of the greatest comic stories ever told. The thing I loved about this though is that I knew. I followed Brubaker's work at DC, I loved his Gotham Central run with Rucka. When he jumped to Marvel, I had high hopes. I still remember that day I walked into the LCS and saw Man out of time #1 (the first Brubaker Captain America) there on the shelf waiting for me. I snatched it up. When I got home and read it, I was floored. The thing about the Brubaker run, it hit the ground running, literally from the very first page. A lot of comics build momentum, and fans say "well, give it another issue or two and see what he does with it." the Brubaker Captain America grabs you from the very first page and never lets go:

"Is that what I think it is?"

"That's not for sale" (as you see the robot arm of the winter soldier at the end of the panel)

I knew, I knew all the way back then, after that first issue, that this run was going to be a classic. Ed Brubaker writing, and Steve Epting drawing just seemed like a match made in heaven for cap.

Maybe its just me, but I think I'm one of the few people on this site who really liked the First Avenger movie. I felt it was well done, and it showed a lot of what made Steve the hero he is. Plus the obvious heavy involvement of Bucky perfectly sets up the sequel. I thought cap was a very well done movie, an opinion I know I'm in the minority on. I hope against hope that Winter Soldier can capture some of the magic that made the comic one of the greatest runs of all time, and clearly the best cap story.
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