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I saw this yesterday and really enjoyed it. Killer Joe is about a Faustian Bargain between a redneck family and a deranged cop/killer. Matthew McConaughey steals the show as the title character. It's the darkest role he's ever played, and one of his best. There's a real sense of danger to Joe Cooper that he conceals with his devil's wit early on in the story. But once the violence starts, we see the true colors of the characters. The entire cast did a great job. Thomas Haden Church is hilarious as Ansel, and Juno Temple gives a very nuanced but solid performance as the head-in-the-clouds Dottie. Gina Gershon at first seems to have a thankless part, but you'll never forget her once you get to that insane over-the-top ending, which you'll either love or hate depending on how black you like your dark comedies.
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