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The Dukes of Hazzard (2005)

Not too sure where I stand with this update of the classic kids show. This is one of those times where making a film for the younger audience is probably the best option yet they went the other way.

The main problem here is the fact that The Dukes of Hazzard was a TV show for kids. it was light hearted in a fun 'A-Team' 'Knight Rider' kind of way. This new film takes that kind hearted approach and throws it out of the window to make room for a new crude vulgar version with tits n ass.

I will admit that at times the film is good fun, the massive car chase sequence at the end is a tornado of great stunts that is tremendous fun to watch. Much like the classic car chases in 'The Blues Brothers' its amazing to see the famous Dodge Charger hurtle down the freeway and leap higher and farther than ever before. This though is about as fun as it gets.

The rest of the film really is a nasty cheap ass pile of predictable cliches in a bad straight to DVD 'National Lampoon's' way. The main casting of Knoxville and Scott as 'Bo' and 'Luke' was terrible and gave the game away immediately as what direction the film was going. Even Simpson as 'Daisy' was a bad choice, your everyday boring over tanned blonde barbie doll wannabe with luminously bleached teeth.
Yes she was sexy in her tight 'Daisy Dukes' but she was also vacuous with no character what so ever. The bad casting continued with Reynolds as 'Boss Hogg' who had no presence in the film a tall, a very weak performance.

Overall its a slightly mixed bag as there is some nice car porn in here but in general its a bad adaptation of the TV show. Shame they also had to bring the modern day PC bandwagon into the fray too. Not to be taken too seriously of course but you know deep down the original TV show is slightly frowned upon these days *groan*.

Unfortunately this is a rather sour spin on the TV show and spoils its good name, don't show your kids and avoid.