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Bob Loblaw, first things first.....

Now, how exactly is he exploiting a tragedy by visiting victims of a movie that he starred in by coming in unannounced and under the media's radar? If he was exploiting it, he would have made a big spectacle of it. He was present at the vigil, met with the staff taking care of the victims, met with each victim individually, and lifted the spirits of those involved. Who gives a flying rat fuck what he did in the past? Are people not allowed to do good things anymore? You have some serious issues man. You clearly have an issue seeing the good natured things people can do. Am I saying I'm a bigger fan of his now for doing this? No. But I appreciate the fact that he went out of his way to pay tribute to the victims. I'm pretty certain his motivations weren't of ill-intent, i.e. a PR stunt. He himself didn't a big deal out of it, the fans and the media did....and then there's people like you that can't see anything good out of decent acts of kindness. Congrats sir. I hope your elitist gaffing jobs give us all the intel on how celebs really are. We could really use more of you in this world.../sarcasm.

Don't ever own a pet because I'd hate to hear about what happened to it when it shits on your carpet, especially when you have had a bad day because that pet could be exploiting it. Same with kids, too. Just continue being a negative, miserable person in the internet. You've done well enough already.
Nicely put.
Good reminder about the not to own a pet part.
Unappreciative type of person is hard to be with, no matter as someone close to him or as his pets.
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