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Truth be told. I hated RE5 for the longest while. I just couldn't get used to the interface on-screen. But upon playing, completing, and unlocking everything, it became much more enjoyable as I repeatedly played through each chapter, and all of the extra stuff. Desperate Escape is a side mission which I play way too much. I love it. Team Slayers is another of my favorite modes. Lost In Nightmares is fun, but I rarely play it now. I almost always play on Veteran level, which is fun and challenging. Professional I hardly touch, unless helping someone boost for those hard to get trophies. RE5 has alot of tilt value, dude. It really does. And if you're willing to give it time and some dedication, it is quite rewarding. I'd suggest the Gold Edition if you decide at a later date to give it another try. That link I posted above gives out some newer juicy RE6 online details.
Did hell just freeze over? j/k

I'd actually say that Op Racoon City is somewhat like this but to a lesser extent. It is frustrating and annoying at first but if you play it for a while and get a good handle on the controls and learn things like your team mates are better treated as decoy's rather then as someone who can help you the game gets more enjoyable.

The only gripe i stsill have with ORC is if you pick up a special weapon (dropping your equipped machine gun) and there are not ammo creats/ppl not dropping ammo (not guns but ammo) you can run short pretty quick and get into trouble.

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