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Oh and you cant go wrong with Oldman & Pierce. Holy shit I actually cant wait for this.
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Looking forward to this.

And by the way, if you haven't seen The Proposition - the previous Nick Cave / John Hillcoat collaboration - GO WATCH IT. I did recently and it's pretty fucking awesome. It might get you more excited for Lawless.
Lawless is nowhere near as good as The Proposition. It's a fine 7/10 movie, and if you like traditional westerns I'd definitely see Lawless, however it's predictable and how much you like it may well depend on how much you care for LaBeouf as the hero of the tale. As Katsumoto said it's very violent for a mainstream film, so if that floats yer boat you'll probably be happy.

Oh and Gary Oldman is only really in 2 scenes, it's basically an extended cameo.

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