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Originally Posted by CuatroDiablos View Post are going to have to wait 3 years to see another Avengers movie. The other movies that we are going to get bombarded with in the next three years are going to be average at best....I mean they are not even trying to get decent directors for them.

And the Avengers was good not great , TDKR is a far more important movie , it may not have that kiddy fun you like , but it was not boring at all....but what can be expected of you if you gave Iron man 2 10/10 , Captain America 9/'s seems that Marvel does no wrong in your eyes.
Well, I and it seems most of America enjoys how Marvel does things. You obviously don't. I just want to know who is forcing you to go to these movies? If you resent them or the reaction to them or simply don't like them, stay away. It seems easy enough to me.

(I did get a chuckle calling TDKR an "important movie"... thanks for that at least.)
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