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I posted paragraphs the other day about why Walter's cool, and then this happens. Goddamnit.

Like Mr. Hyde and Darth both said, it wasn't that it happened, it was how it happened. From a purely practical perspective shooting Mike made no sense, and Walter's greatest quality (imo) has been his practicality. His pragmatism. Tonight's exchange between him and Jesse about the dead kid was a perfect (maybe THE perfect) illustration of that. I believe Walter was being legit when he talked about how much he regrets that death and all the others they've caused, and I also believe that his logic-first way of dealing is really the most sensible. Approaching emotional matters from a rational standpoint has been his MO most of the time (except for family shit like Beneke), and even when he's almost out of his mind with fear over Gus his higher reasoning prevails. Until tonight. I can't really see what purpose shooting Mike served, or how it made Walter's situation any better than if Mike had just taken his go-bag and disappeared to parts unknown. A dead Mike certainly wouldn't have given him the names, even without his Lydia realization. In fact, he made it worse for himself since now he's gonna have to get rid of the body and how will he do that anyway? Dissolve him in a drum? What's he gonna do with the drum? I won't be surprised if Todd plays a part in that next week.

Anyway, Walter acting solely out of anger to this degree is counter to all the things I like about him. I guess you could say I'm disappointed in him, especially since this particular prideful snit equaled the death of a character I dug. When Mike has to turn and leave his granddaughter by herself in the park I felt incredibly sad for him, but that was nothing compared to the end. What a stupid way for such an awesome character to die. I don't mean that in terms of the show's decision, I mean in-universe. As long as that guy's been around and as much as he's seen, as close as he's come to death, and he bites it because Walter can't handle a little criticism. It makes me angry at Walt because for the first time there's really no defending him. All his other heinous actions have had at least the pretense of justifiability, but not this one.

As far as Mike's criticism of him being on point, I disagree. When Half Measures started out Gus and Walter were on the same page. Walter was hunky dory with his role in things, and Gus showed a great amount of respect for him and vice versa. It was only after Walter saved his partner and Gus then set out to kill him that Walt started drawing his plans against Gus. So Mike's whole "we had a good thing going" bit sort of overlooks the fact that part of that good thing wanted Walter dead.

All that aside, I'm gonna miss the hell out of Mike. There were some other standout moments, like Jesse's incredibly loaded expression during Walter's tirade about how he'll go back to using, but obviously everything else is overshadowed by Mike for now. I'm still a little stunned.
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