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You, and a lot of movie fans, are obviously not reared on the term "Marvel Zombie".
Oh please, there is a whole legion of "moviefans" who would love to eat every meal they will ever have out of Nolan's asshole just because of Batman and now they are claiming guys who liked The Avengers better are biased.

Just the slightest whisper someone enjoyed Avengers better than Dark Knight Rises and you all bend over and start farting Nolan's semen in his face incoherently screaming "bwwarrghhlll if you don't worship Nolan you are a Marvel Zombie. Eat Nolan's cum and convert to our camp. And when you still think Avengers surpasses, then you have our permission to die, brrgggaaawlll".

Talk about how ingrained this thing is, like following a sports team, or a religion, when the "team" comes to define the person. I know arguing is futile, so I won't do it, you're never going to make an inch of headway. People are going what they want to, and nothing you can say or do will convince them otherwise.
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