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My thoughts exactly but without all the harsh words. I think the Noloan/DC fanboys are the more biased group of the two. Just because I believe The Avengers is a much better and more important movie than TDKR, that automatically makes me a Marvel Zombie? I'm unknowingly ingrained to love everything Marvel? I'm a fanatically obsessed follower of all things Marvel? I lose my objectivity and ability to be rational and bipartisan? NOPE.
It sounded like Soda was talking about a specific poster and not making a generalized statement about every poster. To boot, it didn't seem like Soda was intending to insult the poster.

But considering the rantings going on I'm starting to figure all ya'll are some kinda fanboy. Luckily this is a website for fanboys, so we're good. As long as nobody's a commie.
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