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There was a good comment piece in one of our local newspapers today about Neil Armstrong.

Here is the original : (It's in french btw )

And here is my loose and condensed translation :

Neil Amstrong - like his predecessors Evil Knievel , Joe DiMaggio , Martin Luther King and John Wayne - joined the American Heroes Hall of Fame.

Those who , like Buzz Lightyear , said "To infinity and beyond...."

Today , the USA ( in one of their worst economic crisis ) is in decline and their real life heroes got replaced by cartoon heroes. Did you notice that everytime America is sinking and loses global political influence , the comic super-heroes are rising ? When i was younger , my heroes were called Neil Amstrong , Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. Today , the youth's heroes are called Batman , Spiderman and Ironman.

Neil Armstrong was crazy. In his tiny tincan , he blasted to outerspace without knowing the outcome. Imagine the courage he needed. Especially when the cellphone you possess now has way more power than the technology back then. The barrier separating him from death was 1 inch thick.

If someone did what he did today , he'd be on TV 24/7 with shitload of sponsors , selling you shaving cream and running for president.

Not Armstrong . Once back to earth , he kept his feet on the ground. He went to teach aeronautic in a small university while living on a farm.

When we learned of his passing , we really haven't heard from him in a while. He was off the radar.

Quiet , discreet , humble. They don't make them like that anymore.

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