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that is super non-descriptive .... maybe that forgetful movie with Owen Wilson , Liam Neilson and Catherine Zeta-Jones .... so forgetful that even i forgot the name and i dont feel like checking it out on IMDB.

I'm always up to help people recall a movie if i can but those questions need to be more specific like a detailed kill scene , hair color of the hero when he took a dump, the weapon the 3rd victim tried to use , the setting on the 4th kill or something.

My IMDB list of "seen movies" is over 4k long and honestly , half of it i just remember the title and not the movie. I'm not that bright!

Example : Claw in the bath , that's nightmare on Elm street
Bro, if anything...I make sure I give the best descriptions. But not everything from memory can be crystal, ya hear? That's the only thing I could remember. And I'm pretty sure Owen Wilson wasn't making films in the 80's now did he. Though sometimes people just don't know. I've posted about a different movie on here like two times and no-one could ID it. I only recently posted the same description I've been posting here on a different forum, and boom! got the ID of what I've been looking for, for ages. If you have absolutely no clue, just skip the thread...

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