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I agree with many of your points. I think people call this a masterpiece because they've been so blinded by Nolan's 'greatness' that they think it's fundamentally impossible for him to make a mistake.
I have to say that I am more than a little offended by this comment. It's fine if you didn't like it but don't go casting aspersions on those of us who did. Personally, I liked TDKR better than TDK, for reasons DaveyJones already stated. I even like Hardy as Bane better than Ledger. Heresy though that may be, Hardy's Bane resonated more with the point where I wanted more scenes of him.

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I agree that TDKR has no new flaws that can't be found in the previous films of the franchise. In fact in some ways it's the best of trilogy. TDKR has the strongest and most exciting final act of the trilogy, whereas the first two films peaked somewhere in the 2nd act. TDKR does feel more rushed, and has the worst editing of the trilogy, and I think a lot of issues would be alleviated with a longer cut of the film.

It's on par with the other two films. Batman Begins wasn't perfect, but coming off of Batman and Robin it seemed like a masterpiece. The Dark Knight wasn't perfect, but Ledger's performance elevated it and made people ignore its flaws. TDKR isn't perfect, but the hype and anticipation building off of the second film lead to inevitable disappointment for some viewers.

It just seems like a lot of nitpicks are being cited as deal-breakers here. Narratively, visually, and thematically TDKR is just as strong if not stronger than a film like the Avengers. But I'm not seeing anything close to level of nitpicking on the Avengers, it seems like people are able to relax and enjoy themselves for that movie while they want to pick TDKR apart. I think Nolan's biggest mistake was setting the bar too high in his own franchise.

I agree with Shini that sometimes people just don't vibe with a movie. It can be technically flawless but if it doesn't suck you in, compel you and invest you in the story then it's all pointless. Plot holes be damned! I've overlooked many plot holes for the sake of mise-en-scene for countless films, independent and blockbuster. If a movie is entertaining enough it doesn't matter what rules it breaks. Some film movements like the French New Wave revolve around and embrace the breaking of cinematic rules. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I hated Breathless but loved Pierrot le Fou. Alas it seems TDKR is not clicking for some viewers, and that's cool, but don't dismiss others as fanboys just because the movie did click for them. The implications about enjoying Nolan's bodily fluids are especially off-putting.
Well done, sir! This expresses my thoughts completely. I'll try to have my own review posted this weekend.
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