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How Much Will You Pay For a DVD/Blu-Ray?

I'm kind of a stingy bastard, so I never really spend more than $14.99 on a Blu-Ray and never more than, say, $12.99 on a DVD. I love buying and collecting movies but I can never bring myself to spend a terrible amount of money on one BR/DVD. Don't get me wrong, I can go on Amazon and end up spending $60 on movies, but you can be damn sure I'm getting at least 6 movies for that amount of money. I think the most I spent on a single DVD was like $16.99 for a South Korean import of Eraserhead on DVD (getting it domestically was $99.99 and that ain't happening). I also base it on per-unit pricing, so if I see a box set of like 7 movies for $49.99, I'll still buy it because that's a little over $7 per movie.

So yeah, I kinda got rambling, but for you guys, is there a certain point where you refuse to pay a certain price, or are you okay with spending a ton of money on new releases and whatnot?
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