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I'm sorry, I saw it twice. I've thought about the film for weeks. It was my biggest anticipated film of the year. I wanted to love it so much. But it's so lazy, so fake, so contrived and conventional. Hell I even thought it was incomplete as a "movie". There is no designated beginning and end. Shit just starts happening on top of other shit in the plot.

I of course respect people's opinions, but damn,i'm very VERY suprised some are calling this a "masterpiece" or "the best of the trilogy". Man, I think you guys need to stop and actually listen to yourselves.

Others have posted problems similiar to mine, Alfred leaving is just unexplained, tacked on,nothing like the previous two films Alfred, and awfully staged (by a staircase somewhere in Wayne Manor I guess?)

Selina Kyle is in the movie, not Catwoman. How did she obtain her suit, goggles, boots...whose her lesbo friend? why does Selina just mindlessly walk around Gotham as its torn apart? But she takes time to save a kid who stole an apple? From who? Bad guys that will beat a kid up for stealing an apple? What? Bruce is like "I want your ass on my face, there's still good in you" after she double crossed him, stole his car, attempted to break into his home twice to rob him, thats it. In terms of human moments between catwoman and bruce, the dance sequence is the ONLY development time for their relationship. How do these two just fall in love suddenly? After Rachel kept Bruce away for 8 YEAAAARS, he fucks 2 women in the film. What the...

Black knowing Bruce is Bats is conventionality in the plot. Nolan shouldve stayed far away from this cop out. Too much he didnt explain that didnt make Blake believable in the slightest. Thats what sucks about the Robin twist. This guy has shown absolutely no traits even to showcase himself as the heir to Batman. He drives a fucking bus around of orphans, and yells at cops from across a bridge. If you think about it, the Blake character could've been completely cut out of the film and there would be no impact on the plot of his absence.

Gordon is a waste. He's bed ridden sick at first, then he owns two dudes coming to kill him, hes back on his feet, then comes the span of the cops working with some sargeant who comes in wearing a brown jacket? (thats how I remember him as hes given no name or object to be involved other than to get shot down by machine guns) Oh, and how hilarious is it watching Gordon at the end, on the back of the BOMB truck, dropping the detonator inbetween the spaces in the trucks trailer? and his "dramatic action" at that moment is to, bend over, reach into the little hole where he dropped it, and pick it back up.....I mean, I was laughing and shaking my head at this point. Good thing the Talia death scene made me feel better....(ha, it didn't.) Talia just...dies in the truck...being watched by the 3 heroes who could be using this time to get rid of a bomb.

The ending "CHAAAAARGE" by the cops is one of the lamest battle sequences I've ever seen. In the overhead shot of the two sides clashing, if you look hard enough, you can see cop extras with guns begin to stand holding their guns up in the air as the terrorists bump into them, seemingly not even using their guns. They stand and wait for the other bad guys to run towards them. Watch for this next time, awful. Kills any sense of drama or tension, they literally get to the enemy and stand.

Also about the ending "charge", um, the terrorists with guns, even with 300 cops charging at you, would still mow down the entire group of cops if they all shot at the same time and if they were smart and not limited by Nolans lack of "realism" in this film, even though Nolan's all about making stuff "real". fuck that

Bane's death sucks, "Ohhhh I think guns are better batz see I just blew up that one guy with your cannons, so now dont bother on beating Bane and getting some payback, I did it for you, oh I'm still in the movie by the way" Batman is fucking stabbed by Talia, but it's cool. Gordon's reveal of him lying about Dent by Bane reading his letter in a cheesefest oration in front of 70 ppl outside a prison, Blake is all pissed at him, then suddenly not one other aspect of this reveal is even hinted the rest of the movie.

The prison is "hell on earth" cable tv....and chiropractors...and dudes who sit around and chant all day for ppl who try to escape. Didnt these same prisoners rape Talias mom? And beat up Bane? What? Oh, and if you do get out of the prison, you throw a rope down and let the other rapists and murderers a way out, smooth Bruce.

Batman cant call Talia's bluff? He can get back from the middle east to Gotham because, as Nolan praisers say, "hes batman". Then why does his intellect and skills as the worlds greatest detective not help him identify easliy that this woman Tate is using him to take over Wayne Enterprises, is Rhas al ghuls daughter, and is teamed up with Bane? Gay, conventionality. Who needs to go into depth with anything in this movie anyway? Ppl still obviouusly loved it and hail it as a masterpiece.

The gasoline symbol on the bridge, yeah ok Bats just stand on that thin as fuck ice with your 80LB suit with a flare ready, the "people's" court? exile or death? what did that court system even do to show Bane's point to Gotham? Seemed unfair as fuck to me. The bomb ending, oh god, {"the auto pilot worked tho dude!" oh yea, your right, Bats jumped out of the pod and swam 6 miles deep into the ocean so the bomb's huge radius wouldnt kill not just him, but tidal waves and radiation also would not hit Gotham pretty hard...

You simply HAVE to show how Batman gets back into the locked down Gotham. Jesus, someone used an example of Batman just showing up on another planet, would you let that go unexplained? The National Guard cant even get into the city, at least show him scuba under the ice or something!!!! you have 260 million dollars on the budget Nolan you idiot.

Sorry, but I could tear this movie a new A HOLE anyday. If you did read my arguments, thank you. This came from a huge batman and nolan fan. Albeit a dissapointed Batman and Nolan fan. It has decent parts, but these flaws IMO kill the movie.
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