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Or maybe we'll have to let people marry ICE CREAM!!!


That is kind of my point. I have said it before and I will say it again for the obtuse among us. Years ago blacks and whites were persecuted for being together, and now it is gays being persecuted. There will always be some group that will want equality. The next logical step, based on the way our society is heading (downward spiral) is for pedophile rights. Ask the ACLU, they will agree with me. So will the pedophiles they have represented in court cases, trying to get them rights. Just as the ACLU has done for gays. Put two and two together. Stop being so dramatic with it too. "Ohhhh you compared gays to pedophiles". Typical baseless liberal response. I compared the struggles gays are going through now to the struggles pedophiles will be going through in the near future, not the actual people. Go drama queen elsewhere.
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