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The Last Story

So the Wii is pretty much dead, but given my love of JRPGs, I decided to check this game out. And so far, I gotta say it's one of the better games I've played in a long, long time.

I'm only 4 hours into it, but it's really engaging. The story seems more character-based: a group of mercenaries with aspirations to become knighs. Yeah, there's some political intrigue and an Aladdin-style love story, but the focus is on the characters, which I love.

Speaking of the characters, many of them are pretty cliche. Zael (the main character) is an innocent, naive, good-hearted young man. We have the brooding anti-social Yurick, the crazy character who loves to fight (Syrenne), the quiet girl with quirks (Mirania), the flirt (Lowell), and the powerful do-no-wrong leader (Dagran). On paper, it seems like a typically ecclectic group. But the more you learn about them, the more interesting they become.

Gameplay is fun so far, but I just got the command skill to let me control what other members of my party do. It has potential. I like that the game lets us check the battlefield before each fight to actually strategize, but again, I haven't the ability to do anything with my other characters yet.

Any one else checking this game out?
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