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You equated the championing of equal rights between consenting adults with 'approving' of paedophilia. That's where the vile bigotry crept in.

No, I am just saying what is the next step. I have not once equated the two, so for a mod or anyone else to make the assumption is wrong. There will always be some group wanting "equal rights" if they feel they do not have them. Gay/Lesbians are the group now fighting. I would honestly say transgendered will fall next but most of the general population group transgendered with gay so I just went to the next step which is pedophiles. They too will feel the need for equal rights and with society becoming more and more retardedly liberal how can you deny it? The ACLU is already fighting for their rights. Why do certain people seem to ignore that and somehow can only respond with "oh my gawwd you just said gays are pedophiles" when in fact no I did not. I am just stating what comes next in the chain of events. Do you honestly think that once gay marriage is legalized (and sadly it will be) that that is it? No more need to fight for anyones equality? We are done as a society? Do you really think that?
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