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First one to a Second Oscar: Ben Affleck or Matt Damon?

Just something I was thinking about earlier today. You have these 2 guys, and when it came to acting, Damon for a long time seemed to be pulling in the more respected projects, even earning an additional nomination for Invictus. While Affleck took a very public beating from everyone in the world it seemed for his acting choices.

And now you have Affleck come out and quickly becoming one of the best directors out there, and because of that, his acting has taken an uptick as well, cuz he was awesome in The Town and word is Argo is also amazing.

Perhaps this question is a bit moot, because early word has it that Affleck is all but guaranteed a nomination for Argo (Directing)

but I do want to discuss this: Who do you all think, of the Good Will Hunting Triumphant Twosome, will be the first person to earn their Second Oscar?

I think it will be Affleck for Directing, even if he doesnt win this year for Argo, his first 2 movies were ones he should have been nominated for, and once the Academy starts to realize they have to recognize him, he will start racking in the awards, the way Eastwood did.

But I do also see Damon one day taking home an acting win, I just think Affleck will get to the podium first!
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