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So I saw the trailer for this movie from the Joblo twitter feed. Thought it looked pretty decent, and had just discovered that it was released yesterday on "On Demand" before it hits theatre's next month.

Saw that it's $10 to order it on demand, and today's my birthday. So I figured, why not? Well turns out to be pretty over-rated from the reviews I've been reading on it here lately.

It's basically a "found footage" type movie, where it has about 5 shorts throughout. The general premise is that a group of guys are hired by some unknown 3rd party to steal a VHS tape from a supposedly abandoned house, and they'd get paid big bucks. So while searching for the right tape, they pop in a few and watch them.... Each tape they watch is a new little horror "short" also in the "found footage" style. One specifically using a "Skype" like program which really would have no business being on a VHS tape anyway.

Regardless there's about 5 or 6 stories in total, and really only the first two are worth a SHIT in my opinion. The others were mildly amusing at best, and boring/implausible and stupid at worst. Definitely NOT as good as the Paranormal Activity films, Cloverfield or The Blair Witch Project as far as the found footage horror genre is concerned. There really wasn't a lot of "tension" as the reviews/trailer would also have you believe either.

Overall it was disappointing, and definitely NOT worth the $10 spent on it... That's for sure! But I will still give the first two shorts credit for entertaining me and being pretty cool.
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