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I'm not going to be comparing Freddy Got Fingered to Goodfellas... they are 2 different movies with 2 different purposes and cant be put on the same playing field.

It is kind of like when, in entertainment weekly, I am not 100% certain of the movies, but lets just use Hot Rod and The Hurt Locker (i know those arent the movies that were used, but i cant think of the movies, but I do think hot Rod was actually 1 of them, but again, dont remember at all)

but anyway, the reviewer in Entertainment Weekly gave Hot Rod and A and also gave Hurt Locker an A and a ton of people wrote in giving the reviewer shit cuz how could both of those movies receive the same grade... and the reviewer just explained that each movie had different goals, and for both of them, they hit those goals enough to each earn their respective A's.

In my opinion Dumb and Dumber is a better movie than The Godfather, because even though I enjoy Godfather, I can watch Dumb & Dumber 20 times before I'd watch The Godfather again (in fact, i have only ever seen it once... it is a great movie... but it is just one of those that I cant just sit and watch).. but you cant really say Dumb and Dumber is a better movie than Godfather (even though I'd argue it is).. and comparing those 2 movies is pointless because what they are, what they set out to do, is 2 completely different things.

Edit: Now i think about it, I think the movie was Harold & Kumar Christmas Movie that the reviewer gave an A to, I dont remember the second movie.

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