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Burger King to Offer Wii U Toys?

The fast food chain Burger King is supposedly going to include Wii U toys with meals starting October 25th. There is a rumor that these Wii U toys will have NFC capabilities built into them so they can be used with the Wii U system. For example, the toys could be compatible with Nintendo Land and be placed on the Wii U GamePad to unlock a exclusive content.
Coming from the latest wonderfully exquisite and flawless Pach-Attack! over at GameTrailers:

Originally Posted by HeathRichards:
Hey Pach! I work at Burger King and I noticed on October 25th we receive Wii U toys. Could this be the release date/window?

1. The amazing potential of NFC-integrated toys coming from a popular fast food chain. If this rumor is true, these burger king toys will be epic if NFC is applied. My guess is that the toys will be for Nintendo Land and kids will immediately want to see how they're used with the Wii U. It's so perfect that it's actually kind of scary. Even I fucking want these toys!

If the rumor is not true, the idea is still there. 3rd parties (Ubisoft and Rayman) could utilize this to surge-market their properties by enticing kids to play with their toys in conjunction with their videogames. The idea is so simple that I find it irresistible.

2. If this rumor is true, we can probably narrow the release window of the Wii U to late October-early November. There has already been a desire by GAF to play Zombi U at Halloween (the seemingly perfect launch for such a game), and October 29th (the sunday after the 25th) would fit the bill almost too well. Of course, Nintendo will do what it wants, but I think it would be wasting a lot of demand generated by the BK toys if the Wii U doesn't hit the market soon after the 25th.

Anyway, Rumors are rumors, but at least we can talk about the brilliance of NFC!
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