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Wii U November 18th Release Date = Denied

article Posted on August 28, 2012

Earlier today word spread that a gaming peripheral manufacturer at a GameStop conference said that they were releasing their Wii U accessories on November 18th. Speaking to Kotaku, PDP community manager Candace Hinton said that the firm didn’t mention a specific date, and that she’s genuinely a little baffled by the rumour.

“At this time we can’t confirm Nintendo’s dates and we don’t know exactly what was heard, but we simply do not know that this point.”

“We are launching accessories, but the date for the accessories doesn’t mean a confirmation on the hardware. If you seek confirmation on the date that is something that is going to need to go specifically though Nintendo, but we can’t confirm or deny dates on any of their hardware.”

According to a listing on, Nintendo’s forthcoming console will be released in Europe on December 21st and will cost 349.99 Euros, which is equivalent to about $440 USD. The listing does mention, however, that the price will most likely change and the Wii U is expected to launch prior to Christmas. Remember – a recent rumor suggests that Wii U’s release date has been delayed to December across Europe.

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