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Changes that I didn't mind:
-The Jabba's Scene in "A new hope".
-Those lizard things that the stormtroopers had in Tattoine.
-The Emperor hologram in "The Empire Strikes back"
-The music band at Jabba's palace.

Changes that I didn't like
-Greedo shooting first.
-Bobba Fett's cameo in "A new hope".
-Hayden Christensen at the ending of "Return of the Jedi".

I'd love to see the OT on the big screen again, but not in 3D. I hope watching it in 2D could be an option but I doubt it.
Agreed. I liked the new look for the Max Rebo band and I actually listen to the song on my iPod, and I liked them bringing Ian McDiarmid in to be the ESB hologram. Those were fine by me, but the Greedo thing bugs me mostly because it was so unnecessary. Plus, given the kind of hands Greedo had, I doubt he'd be that fast a draw anyway.
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