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I have no idea. If you don't like his last three films, it's understandable not to be a fan of him as a director, but the man is important to cinema regardless of the quality of the Star Wars prequels.

Without him, there would be no CGI in films. He was the guy who is responsible for CGI becoming a mainstay in film.

Without him, digital cameras would be nowhere near as sharp and advanced as they are now. He pushed the development of high definition cameras more than anybody else in the film industry.

And without him, there would be no Pixar. LucasFilm is where Pixar was conceived.

I don't know about you, but that makes him A-Okay in my book.
You are mostly correct, but he is not Steve Jobs. Lucas has received much of the credit for the last dozen or so years of those things you mentioned, but he hardly the only person thinking these ideas up and excuting them. I thank him for all he has done for cinema. And then there is the money.....

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Hate is such a strong word for someone you've never met before in your life, and for someone who's done nothing bad to you or yours personally.

But I chose hate, and here's why.

The guy rapes the values of cinema. And cinema is something that I love (obviously). He's made THX-113, awesome and underrated sci fi film, he's made American Graffiti, a heart felt high school movie which influenced countless others like it, and he's created Star Wars which is like, one of the biggest influences in cinema EVER and has created a legion of fans, people who would probably sell their kids to the black market before getting rid of their precious autographed comic con statues or whatever.

And what else has he done?


The guy's been milking the Star Wars cow for the past 30 years, making a stop to taint the Indiana Jones franchise forever with the atrocity that was Indy IV, and he's just been devising ways of getting people's money by using the Star Wars and Indiana Jones brands. That's not cinema, that's manipulation and complete abuse and he sucks for that.

If any Hollywood "celebrity" needs to be roasted on Comedy Central, it's this guy.
100% this..... well 95% I am not going to kill him of Indy 4, but it was made just for money.

What really pisses me off the most is he lies. Some new technology comes out and he says, "this is what I really wanted to do back then, but it was not out yet." Bull fucking shit. He never thought of a 3D Star Wars or he would have come out with 3D Star Wars years ago. He sees it as another reason to come out in the theaters and make more money. That is it. Normally, I am all for it, but fuck him. He is staging his DVD, Blu Ray, VHS, special edition, new version, old versions on purpose, because he knows there are fans who will buy both. He is an asshole and abusing fans. If he really cared about the fans, he would come out with NEW FUCKING STAR WARS MOVIES!!!!!!! That is what we all want.
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