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He helped bring about a huge influx of independent filmmaking by advocating for the legitimacy of the digital format in Hollywood filmmaking. People who had used cheaper digital cameras to make movies were being taken more seriously as filmmakers because of George Lucas's efforts. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was the first film to be projected in cinemas in the digital format, where, at the time, there were roughly four theaters across the nation, two in Los Angeles and two in New York, that had digital projection screens.

So again, I'll say that he's a pioneer, a visionary, and one of the most important filmmakers in cinematic history.
I was at the one in CA. I still have the tshirt to prove it. There were 3 theaters as I was told at that time. The one in NY was actually in Secaucus, NJ, so said the projector people who had a huge speech and took questions beforehand. I dont watch many independent movies, so take is meaningless to me.
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