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One can also make the very valid point that he helped kill cinema. CGI and effects over story. He is the father of eye candy. You can't have the good without taking the bad too.
There have always been films used as eye candy even before George Lucas was making films. The inclusion of computers in the filmmaking process wasn't the first time films were made solely to look good. I'm sure there were plenty of films that were made just to people could marvel at how a film had sound. And again, once Technicolor came out. Besides, isn't blaming Lucas for a director overusing CGI like blaming John Browning for someone shooting up a school? Lucas just came up with the tools; how someone uses it is out of his control.

I'm not denying the bad. Like I said, the prequel films aren't very good and he's made some poor choices in regards to "fixing" the original trilogy, but that doesn't detract even the slightest bit from what a great innovator he was.
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