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I read that B.I.G thing earlier today as well, that is insane.

I had been meaning to watch Armageddon again recently, as it is one of my all time favorites (unapologetic Michael Bay fan), and I just finished it. Still one of my favorites (Trevor Rabin is one of the best Film Score-ists of all time... his scores are all epic and amazing... one of the things that makes me love Bay is his use of Film Scores).

MCD was great in the movie, obviously, just a funny addition in it.

I'm thinking later i may throw on some Slammin Salmon, to watch a movie where this dude was just having fun!

That is what I loved, he always seemed to be just happy! He was on Craig Ferguson's show a lot (and I eagerly anticipate Ferguson's show tomorrow night to hear what he says) and he just always seemed like a great guy and one who was very humble and happy.

This death reminds me of another African American Death that I still haven't gotten over: Bernie Mac. Just out of nowhere and someone who I just wasn't done enjoying.
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