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First off a celeb attacking a politician for that politicians views is political from the start. Sorry you cant accept that.
He's not attacking them for their views. I think if he was attacking them for their views, he'd actually say something regarding their views. No, he's just attacking them because it's trendy to do so among actors. I doubt he knows anything about politics. I doubt he can even spell the word "caucus." And yet these celebrities seem to have such an impact on the way people vote. It's astonishing, really. Of course, that totally backfired for Jason Biggs because his tweets were morally reprehensible and no one gives a shit about him; they haven't since 1999.

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This sounds like a guy pandering to the hollywood left for some jobs. Just suck some more cock like you did years ago to get the American Pie gig.
I don't think he's pandering to Hollywood. He works for Nickelodeon now and something as vulgar as his tweets will surely get him some sort of warning from Nickelodeon, at the very least. Jason Biggs was just being an idiot. I think that's really all there is to it.
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