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That is what I loved, he always seemed to be just happy! He was on Craig Ferguson's show a lot (and I eagerly anticipate Ferguson's show tomorrow night to hear what he says) and he just always seemed like a great guy and one who was very humble and happy.

This death reminds me of another African American Death that I still haven't gotten over: Bernie Mac. Just out of nowhere and someone who I just wasn't done enjoying.
I love his interviews with Craig Ferguson. The two just really clicked together. Sad that we never got to see that cop show with Reginald Longbottom and Mick Delaplane.

Bernie Mac didn't really hit me too hard when he initially died because I hadn't seen too much of his stuff at that point in my life but I started watching The Bernie Mac Show and then got into the Danny Ocean trilogy and was really impressed with his comedic chops.

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Anyway, he was awesome. Even in Daredevil, his screen presence was formidable. Gonna miss watching him do his thing.
He was the best part of Daredevil. I mean I didn't hate the movie like a lot of people, but he was the only truly solid performance. Honestly I had never heard of the guy before the movie came out and was a bit skeptical given that Kingpin is normally white, but damn did he knock it out of the park. I actually can't think of anyone else who I'd like to play Kingpin more than him and it would've been awesome if he reprised the role in the eventual reboot (preferably Joe Carnahan's).

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A great presence on the screen whose performance in The Green Mile moved me to tears.

Rest easy, Big Fella.
I'm ashamed to admit that I've never actually seen The Green Mile. I've had it recorded on my DVR for awhile but I've always picked watching shorter films over The Green Mile. I'm definitely gonna watch it soon though, because I don't doubt he's fantastic in it.
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