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You must be a liberal. lol

Seriously, you can't give the guy all the credit you give him and then not accept the negatives. He is MR Special Effects and CGI. Those were both the birth and obortion of modern movie making. I don't have an issue with this, but there are many who would say that Lucas killed the modern story telling in movies
I've accepted his negatives. I've already stated that I don't like the prequel trilogy. Episode I is mediocre and Episode II is a pile of shit; Episode III is watchable but is only fun on a superficial level. I also think he's made some incredibly stupid and unnecessary changes to the original trilogy. I agree with and accept every single complaint towards his handling of the Star Wars franchise.

What I don't accept is that by pioneering CGI, he effectively killed modern storytelling. Again, it's like blaming John Browning for a school shooting (how a kid managed to get his hand on a Browning is beside the point). What I'm trying to say is that Lucas made the tools, but how people use those tools is out of his control. Plenty of filmmakers have done wondrous things with CGI. James Cameron crafted a beautiful world using CGI in Avatar. Terrence Malick used CGI to depict the birth of the universe in The Tree of Life. Rupert Wyatt used it to add deep emotion to a mistreated chimpanzee and make us sympathize with him in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Peter Jackson used it to create one of the best and most conflicted characters in recent cinema history in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I don't see you giving George Lucas credit for those stunning achievements.
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