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Haha. I wouldn't take my word for it though as I'm in the minority in loving it. Most people consider it the worst movie from the Wachowski's. I mean, a part of me understands as the movie is unabashedly sentimental and corny. A lot of people found the little brother and monkey to be irritating. I can understand that even though I don't agree with it. It's definitely a corny movie, but the movie touched me since it was all about family. It has a LOT of heart. It was about this family vs this evil corporation. And I loved the story surrounding the Racer X character. I'm a huge fan of Matthew Fox and thought he was great as Racer X. Also, Emile Hirsch is probably one of my favorite actors under 30. Loved him in The Girl Next Door and Into the Wild (in which he should have gotten an academy award nomination IMO) and he's great here too. And of course visually, it was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

But again, most people hated the movie and I'm very much in the minority. It is, though, a movie I liked when I first saw it, and has only grown on me the more I've seen it. It's now among my favorites.
Thanks for the encouragement man. I just saw Speed Racer and thoroughly enjoyed it! I thought it was a solid family film, and also really enjoyed its themes and overall story since I come from a pretty tight family. The visuals were also a treat. It felt like a live action cartoon, which I really dug. I also liked that they embraced that aspect without being ironic, which most remakes or TV show adaptations have done this decade. I'd say it would make for a great double feature alongside Kung-Fu Hustle, which also completely embraced the corny side of cartoons and pulled it off in spades. I enjoyed that the CGI didn't look real and wasn't trying to. It enhanced the style of the film. I also liked how the races weren't just races, but we'd get scenes within the minds of the characters. It's also nice to see a family film have an anti-conglomerate/corporation theme. You don't see that much in films targeted for kids, and it tied in nicely with the story of the family trying to stay together. The film was eye candy with principles.

Not to mention, I used to love the cartoon as a kid, so it was nice to see the Wachowskis put their own spin on the Speed Racer world. They've very good at creating universes within their stories.
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