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Ladies and Gentleman of the jury... i throw myself on the mercy of the court here!!

I made that comment on 04-02-2008... what did I know.. I was a stupid kid! I didn't fully understand the world of comedy that was around me!

in 2012, I can fully recant that idiotic statement I had made! Louis C.K is a fucking genius and his stand up is some of the best!

I can say that I have since that date immersed myself in the world of Comedy (I do Improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Hollywood) and with that, have been opened up to a world of comedy that I didn't quite know before.

I will say that I think Cook has some pretty funny bits, whether stolen or not, I don't know.. but I know dude doesn't hold a candle to the genius of Louis C.K!

Can I be forgiven??!!!
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