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I will break the scene down by its layers. What works about Nolans filmmaking sometimes is his awesome use of tone and momentum to completely trick the audience into not noticing blatant jumps or leaps in logic. For instance,

The CIA is waiting for a van dropping off "prisoners" of banes army. Of course some will call this nitpicking, but the dumbass CIA officer never checks who the prisoners are. He leaves the bags on their heads and loads them onto the plane. If this was shown, ppl would go "why havent they moved the bags off their heads?" instead, it immediately cuts to the plane in motion, already airborn, then leads to the CIA guy with a gun to their heads. These quick cuts divert the audience to not think about this.

The CIA plane fails to have radar that picks up the plane hovering right above them attaching cables to their plane. Nitpicking? Maybe, but its sad to think how dumb these CIA guys have already been 3 minutes into the scene.

I hated the dialogue of the main officer...


"Itd be extremely painful"


"For you."

Also gotta love


The military could easily tell this plane didnt just "crash", the wings are blown off with explosives. I may have missed why exactly banes trying to fake this guys death by switching blood with him. But dont they still have dental records? Does the fake even look like the doctor? Again some call it nitpicking,but this isnt as smooth of an introducion as joker killing off his bank robbers (although the way he times the buses up is crazy)

I guess it just kinda drove me nuts how forces of serious authority are treated like dumb henchmen. Not just in the beginning, it happens throughout the movie. He wants realism but there are still things that dont work in the "world" nolans creating. Yes there is some of this in TDK and even BB but not the level of Rises.

And remember that i am an avid nolan fan, i thought this was his worst film yet, but thats not saying its a terrible film. Just on nolans level of detail And scene consistency, rises is lacking. Even TDK has some AMAZING directorial shots, rises directing is stagnant.

Back to the plane sequence one more time, concerning the direction. Its hard for imax cams to shoot in that condensed plane set. You can tell the camera is crammed into the damn thing. The editing and switching between characters is awful, with dialogue running into eachother between cuts. I mean its a small thing,but the quality is diminshed for me when i notice this kind of stuff

Jeez i type too much, hope you can see my frustration with the scene when its broken down, which normally, is what u want to do after a nolan film, break it down and discuss it. But with Rises, thinking back through it reveals some problems narratively and even technically. I expected better from nolan, supposedly one of the more sophisticated filmmakers working today.
I agree with many of your points about the plane sequence. The whole blood transfusion thing doesn't really make sense. The wings being blown off the plane (and sure to found miles away) is something I didn't even really consider before, but good point.

I guess in the end, for me, I don't really give a shit about these things. I loved the plane sequence, particularly when seeing it again. It's wonderfully paced and offers a great introduction to Bane and (for me) a truly exciting and original action sequence. When I say I wasn't bothered by some of these flaws, it's due to Nolan's craft as a filmmaker I think. He keeps me looking the other way.

I would agree also that The Dark Knight Rises is more flawed than the usual Nolan film. I would not say it's on the level of The Dark Knight, Memento or Inception, for example. It is a little too busy, overplotted and doesn't fully pay off some its thematic elements. But I still REALLY liked it, and repeat viewings smoothed over a few plot elements for me. There are some nagging flaws, but I'm just happy to let Nolan take me on another one of his rides and appreciate what, for me, are the many strong elements of the film (among them, Bane and Catwoman, who were both worked great I thought).
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