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I hate the special editions that come with nothing but a sound track from the game, so lame. But including the older games you say? That could be cool. I personally own all the older games in digital form off the PSN except Code Veronica (haven't gotten around to buying that one yet) but having disk based versions would be cool as well.
After looking into it more, I think the copies of the classic RE games are digital. The PS3 and 360 versions also get different games since RE1-3 aren't available on the Xbox marketplace.

PS3 version gets RE: Director's cut, RE2, RE3, RE4 HD, and RE5 Gold edition.

360 version gets RE4 HD, RE5 Gold edition, RE: Code Veronica HD, and RE Degeneration (some CGI movie) on DVD.

Not sure which one is worth getting for me if either because I have RE5 for 360 already and also RE3 downloaded from PSN. Not a bad deal though if you don't have any of the included games anymore.
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