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I have STILL yet to see any Saw movie past 4 or 5. Even though I own them all lol.So this Halloween I plan on watching all of them, 7 is it? Also plan on watching all the Elm Streets of course, but I also feel like fitting in a lot of zombie flicks this year since I didn't get to last year. It will be interesting to see what I end up watching though. I think we should all suggest each other some movies we might think as "gems"
Yes, seven. Up to "Saw VI" and then "Saw: The Final Chapter." I like them all, except for "Saw II." It was the first and only real misstep for me. People have particular issues with "Saw V," but it still got a lot of things right that "Saw II" didn't. "Saw: The Final Chapter" was in 3D in theaters and did a good job of ending off the series and delivering the 3D aspect. My viewpoint might be too positively biased, but give the rest of the series a chance. You might like it.

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