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I think Q's logic is spot-on. Personally I think they'll both win another Oscar at some point.

I don't think it's at all crazy to believe that Affleck could win one first, but I struggle to believe he'll have much of a chance with Argo unless all of the big-name films coming out majorly flop with the Academy. I'm very very excited about the film, almost as much as I am for anything else this year. But overcoming a possible nominee list of Spielberg, PTA, Malick, Hooper, Lee, Haneke, Bigelow, Tarantino; not to mention the lesser-known possible contenders (Zeitlin, Bayona). That still leaves out Van Sant, Joe Wright, Wes Anderson... it's hard for me to see Affleck overcoming all those in what is (hopefully) a strong year. Either of the last two years and it might be a different story. But given that he's never even been nominated, seems like a pretty big jump to win.

That said, obviously without having seen the film, I think he WILL be nominated this year and will eventually win.

Damon would seem to be a pretty outside shot for an acting win this year, but he's reliably made good choices and works with the kind of filmmakers who produce winning performances. His time will come.

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