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First two links from the DNC, one for the video and the other for the story. 3rd link is just general liberal reaction to anything they disagree with. If you like I can find tons more but this was just from today's links on liveleak.
Seriously - are these your best examples? I can find just as many hateful posts about democrats by going to Yahoo and reading the comments below the political stories. And most of them far more hostile and ignorant than these twitter fools and an irritable old hispanic woman.

The word liberal doesn't automatically mean all liberals think republican voters should kill themselves. That assumption is just a ridiculous stereotype. And quite frankly, as someone raised as both a christian and a conservative, I've seen much worse from the right. And now after seeing both sides more completely, I tend to support the more progressive of the two parties, although I'm not completely sold on their view of the world, either. But obviously, we all want to see the economy improve and a better infrastructure for the US. Neither of these things will happen until everyone sits down and works it out. So it doesn't matter where the hostility comes from, it isn't solving anything.
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