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I don't like her music. I think it's tedious and bland, with every song signifying that Taylor Swift has no idea that high school is behind her.

That being said, I do think she has talent as a singer and she knows how to play guitar which isn't something most Top 40 pop stars can claim these days. She also seems like a nice girl and a hard worker and it's nice to see a public music figure act as a good role model. I'd rather have young girls looking up to Taylor Swift than harlots like Snookie, Kim Kardashian, and P!nk, and I'd be surprised if any of you guys disagreed with that.

So no, I don't hate Taylor Swift. I don't like her music, mainly because, and I'm just venturing a guess here, I'm not the demographic. But I do think it's nice to see a Top 40 artist with talent and a clean persona.
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