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Indeed. They're called police, it often went up to the chief, commissioner, and in many cases included the FBI. Went very high up.
So were these republican members of the police force only?

Yes there were acts of violence on the police department but that does not somehow make the extreme acts of violence that the liberal occupiers did any less significant. Have you seen acts of violence at the Tea Party rallies? I ask that because you guys seem to think that the Tea Party members are nothing but armed nutjobs shooting anyone on site with an Obama bumper sticker. The only acts of violence at the TP rallies comes from liberal protesters, throwing rocks, assaulting members of the TP, and threats of violence, again coming from the liberal protesters.

And as far as anyone being butt hurt SS, ask your buddy Biggs since it seems he enjoys causing anal pain. For me though, naa I just enjoy a good conversation on this dead board. If liberal posters hurt my feelings in anyway I am sure that by now I would have given up the internet. Instead I like to take the time to point out how ridiculous they are with their double standards. Just remember that while voting for the demorats that you are continuing to enable the party that voted for segregation and also helped enable the KKK. That's cool though I guess if that is your thing.
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