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I'd rather have young girls looking up to Taylor Swift than harlots like Snookie, Kim Kardashian, and P!nk, and I'd be surprised if any of you guys disagreed with that.
Well... when it is said like that, I of course agree! At the very least Taylor Swift has talent... i don't like her music, but she is famous because she has talent. That can not be said for Snookie or Kardashian... although I don't know what is wrong with Pink??

My problem with her is simply that she just plays this victim all the time, all the songs are about how she was a victim in her relationships, the Kanye thing made her a national victim... and she just seems to be a closeted, I don't want to say whore, but that is the only word I can think of. She dates all these big name dudes, you know she is getting banged by all of them, then she writes these shitty pop songs about them.
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