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Best examples? Naaa. These examples took me literally seconds to find on a page I was already on when I tabbed over and saw someone requesting examples. How many more examples of delegates saying they would kill Romney do you need though? Do you prefer irritable black women or white women because you seem to not like Hispanic women. Just checking because if I really need to (because you can't work "the google") I can find more examples or lefties being extremely hostile and violent. Hell just google OWS violence and come see me next week once you get done reading up on that. Don't just think it is some crazies in the parks that caused that violence, there were quite a few higher ups inciting violence.
And now you're just playing games.

Liberals don't seem to be the ones that have a problem with hispanics (or immigration for that matter), but if you'd like, I can delete the word 'hispanic' from my original post. Do descriptive words offend you?

Did you even read my original post, or are you dodging the issue altogether? I said that I can find just as many hateful posts about democrats by going to Yahoo and reading the comments below the political stories. And yet you never even acknowledged that. I could do the same on CNN, Fox, and many others. I could pull hundreds more examples of hostility from any one of the pundits that conservatives seem to cling to. Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Glen name them, I can link to their obnoxious rhetoric, just like you did.

The point here is that hostility seems to exist in both camps and it isn't going to get better until everyone sits down and actually discusses the issues, like the economy or infrastructure until they come to an agreement on a solid solution. But thanks for brushing that off to nit-pick descriptive words in my post and make snide comments about my ability to use search engines.
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