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So were these republican members of the police force only?

Yes there were acts of violence on the police department but that does not somehow make the extreme acts of violence that the liberal occupiers did any less significant. Have you seen acts of violence at the Tea Party rallies? I ask that because you guys seem to think that the Tea Party members are nothing but armed nutjobs shooting anyone on site with an Obama bumper sticker. The only acts of violence at the TP rallies comes from liberal protesters, throwing rocks, assaulting members of the TP, and threats of violence, again coming from the liberal protesters.
It doesn't matter what the politics of individual police officers are, though they obviously tend authoritarian as a group, their orders were to disrupt peaceful protests and they assaulted hundreds if not thousands of people during the Occupy movement.

There were some rapes and robberies committed within the protest community, as happens with any large scale gathering of people over a long period of time (especially with a sizable contingent of homeless and otherwise destitute people) and not to a much higher degree than something like a music festival. Otherwise nearly all the violence was committed against the largely peaceful protesters by police who had both individual officers acting particularly out of line and orders generally to attack the citizens exercising their first amendment rights.

I do not think most Tea Party members are armed nutjobs who shoot people on site over Obama bumper stickers, I cannot speak for anyone else, but I doubt others here do either. There is a large contingent of armed nutjobs in the Tea Party, but to the best of my knowledge, relatively few of them are shooting people.

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Nice to see you only requesting the conservative member go post somewhere else.
I singled you out because you are the member in this discussion who seems primarily interested in discussing politics on the forum as a whole. 30 of your last 40 posts for instance are about politics and many are antagonistic (most of those discussions contain multiple antagonists). While the rest of the people engaged in those conversations may post political things outside the politics forum on occasion, the vast majority of their discussion is about movies which is what the majority of the board is intended for. I'm not suggesting you "post somewhere else" really, I'm suggesting you post here, but in the forum designated for the type of discussion you seem overwhelmingly most interested in. If you're going to discuss politics the vast majority of the time you're here, you should post it in the Politics forum where it belongs rather than contributing to politicizing so many threads in Celeb Talk, Upcoming Movies, and the like. You're also relatively new, so perhaps you didn't know that. Politics pops up in other threads not irregularly and many engage in it, myself included, but it's generally discouraged whereas it's encouraged in its designated forum.

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