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Damon has been nominated twice for his acting, has been the lead in a Best Picture winning film, a major player in two other Best Picture nominees, and has given several performances (Talented Mr. Ripley, The Good Shepherd, The Informant, True Grit) that were shortlisted as likely nominees. He appears in 3-4 movies a year on average and works with some of the most acclaimed and awarded directors in the industry. He is widely regarded as the better actor than his BFF.

Affleck has never been nominated for an Oscar since the one he won for Good Will Hunting and has made three films as writer/director in the last five years.

So Damon has a shot at one of two Oscars (Actor and Supporting Actor) every year from one of three or four movies, which he has been up for twice so far, while Affleck has a shot at one or two Oscars (Director and Adapted Screenplay) every two or three years from one movie.

Therefore I think Damon has a much greater likelihood to win another Oscar than Affleck.
Yeah, I know. I think Damon is a fine actor and I definitely enjoy his films. However, I don't think I've ever seen a movie of his where I'm wowed by his performance. Invictus and The Talented Mr. Ripley I thought were overrated. I was impressed by him in Good Will Hunting and Courage Under Fire. Everything else is good but not great. Mathematically I guess he does have a greater chance but the question was "who do you think will be the first to a second Oscar?" I"m still going with Affleck.
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