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I know he doesn't like Romney or Paul. I'm saying it's not because he disagrees with their political beliefs. He probably doesn't even know their stances on all of the issues. He hates them because they're conservatives and that's that. All he sees are gay-hating billionaires that don't care about the working man.
Paul Ryan is not a billionaire. I have news for you, the Democrats do not care about the working man either. In over 50 years, which is like what 3 generations now, how has the democratic party helped the working man? Poor people have been poor for generations. I would like to interject this:

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If the cock he needs to suck belongs to someone from Israel then he will have a long wait at the end of the line behind miles and miles of republicans.
Perhaps you missed the part in Obama's speech at the DNC where he said he was going to support Israel.
In a brief reference to Middle East issues in a speech which was otherwise focused on domestic affairs, Obama said that, “our commitment to Israel’s security must not waver, and neither must our pursuit of peace.” Regarding the nuclear threat from Iran, the President said: “The Iranian government must face a world that stays united against its nuclear ambitions.”
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So ignorant.
That is not right. You just can't flat out say it like that. This is a liberal place. What they do here is come out with some stupid ass picture insulting you. It is the same thing, but somehow it is ok if it is a picture and not words. opps did I give away some people's tricks?

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