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Well first of these complaints aren't all coming from one person. And these are the only people that were actually willing to risk their job and speak out. Think of how many people are thinking the same thing but are too afraid to say anything about it?

Why not leave the company? Do you have any idea how bad the job market is right now? People are lucky to have any form of employment these days, even if it's cleaning up shit and vomit. Managers across the country know this and are keeping pay low and don't care about morale, they're treating their employees like shit and getting away with it, because people can't afford to quit. It's not like they'll magically get a job at a better company in their desired field.

Considering how Capcom has treated their own fans, it's not surprise that they are dicks to their employees.
I`m not going to sit here and discuss the job market in a thread about a zombie video game. The only thing i wonder though is why you think this corperation is so bloody different then many others out there.

If you`re not going to buy the game, cool, but take your political/economic nonsense somewhere else pls. I mean there was a whole thing about L.A. Noir`s production company giving similar treatment and i don`t recall you getting up in arms about that. I could be wrong though.
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