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But they don't try and play this sweet innocent person... they live their lives, and for the most part stay out of the public eye with their relationships... of course that isnt true for Anniston, but she is just a victim of her success.. she doesn't talk non stop about her romantic life, it is just in the tabloids because she was married to Brad Pitt.
I just don't see how she plays this "sweet innocent person." Sure, that's the few a lot of fans have of her, but I don't see or hear her projecting or saying that. Aniston is no more a victim of her success than Swift is, and she talks PLENTY about her relationships and has seemingly never turned down a magazine interview request to do so. Nothing wrong with that, but I just don't see the difference. Also Swift is a songwriter so naturally her emotions and thoughts are going to be more openly a part of who she is as an artist in a way that's different than an actress (and I know I compared them originally, but that was about fame & relationships in general).
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