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Saw it at TIFF and it's probably the best film I've seen since 2007. Those clips are safe to watch, but I fear that the eventual trailer may give away too much. It's the kind of thing you want to know as little about as possible going in.

And echo, I'm pretty sure it's going to be released in 2013. Focus already has a huge plate of films on their hands and I imagine they will save this one for next Oscar season. It's a shame, because I think out of all of their contenders, this would have the best chance at getting some big nominations.
I just read your brief review for it(in the TIFF thread) and man do I want to see this even more now.
And I agree with ya that its a shame they are saving it for 2013(same with ONly God Forgives) but if thats the case then DAMN, Gosling is gonna have one hell of a year next year.(also gotta mention Gangster Squad)
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